The Southern Game & Tackle Podcast

Bows and Bros: An Update on all things SG+T

April 27, 2023
The Southern Game & Tackle Podcast
Bows and Bros: An Update on all things SG+T
Show Notes

There's a lot of amazing things going on in the world of SG+T and Rick takes to the studio solo this week to bring our listeners up to speed. It's a short episode, so don't let Rick being solo turn you away!

If you've listened to the show for any amount of time, you know that Rick has been chasing a lifelong dream of having a role in the outdoor industry. It's a dream he hasn't given up on, and as he's found clarity in how his passions are really designed to help others, some incredible doors have started to open. From getting to be a guest host on his favorite local radio show The Outdoors Show, being a guest speaker at a Mountain Archery Fest event in Rome, GA, to a Project Savior Outdoors trip to Madison, WI that will help achieve the long term mission of PSO, the momentum has started to steamroll. Rick shares the details of all these happenings and what it means to him to see these things come to fruition.

One of the re-occurring themes of SG+T, community and experiences built in the outdoors, is a major component of this solo conversation. While at the MAF event, those aspects were hammered home as he made what are sure to be lifelong friendships with the MAF team, its founder, Brandon Waddell and the team at Hunt Lift Eat. Both groups welcomed Rick and his wife Nicole with open arms and treated them like family right from the jump. Both of these organizations share the SG+T vision of community and as these relationships are forged, big things are sure to come. If you haven't checked out Mountain Archery Fest or Hunt Lift Eat, check out their websites and social media for some awesome content, gear and events.

Rick wraps this episode with episode plans for the next several months, outlining a series that will include some top tier guests as they look to simplify some of the hot topics in the whitetail hunting world. This series is going to be a lot of fun, with tons of good info to help hunters of any experience level this coming season.

As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.

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